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Attentions on hat customization

2017-06-09 17:53:00 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

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With the improvement of living standard,people pursuit beauty in a much higher level,one of the most important performance is reflected on dress.When there is not any change on style and color,they begin to work hard on other decorations,such as scarf is a common decoration in our daily life.Gradually,some fashion people pay more attention on hats as they find out hat is more practical than scarf,for example in summer it can protect sunshine,and in winter it can keep warm,also it is more appropriate and fashion to match with clothing.While when wearing hats has become a habit ,people start to pop out .In order to find more suitable hats,they try to customize hats,so what are these attentions on hats customization?

When speaking hats customization, we will think about professional and stylish,which are the common features of all custom products.While hat customization is a little different,as it is divided into two types:general customization and special customization.Hat customization differs from general sale.First it not only protect people from sunshine and keep them warm,but also reveals a kind of stylish.

For ordinary people,hat customization may just meets some purpose.,they will not have much requirements about hats.However in those western countries,especially in British royal family,they have stringent requirements about them,as they will wear a hat when they attend some large occasions.At that time,professional designers will design hats on the basis of their head circumference ,temperament, the nature of activities,dresses on that day and so on.Normally colors and styles for hats and clothing should be consistent,in this way to highlight these different temperament .

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