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Hat size standard

2017-07-21 19:36:14 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Women Wool Felt Hat

Now many friends buy clothes, shoes, pants, and so on, are not aware of their size, but the size of their own hat, I do not know the size of the more accustomed to.

The location is Cap Hat label in the inner ring, with a tape measure cap mouth circle circumference, the data that is cap.

Measure your head size can measure around the head with tape (the most prominent forehead and head back part) a week, tape slightly can turn the head circumference, head circumference size.

In fact, the basic head circumference of normal adult female is about 56-58cm Oh, a bit more of the head circumference is also about 58-60cm. Then, if it's around 60cm, it's an extra big hat.

We China the specifications from the beginning of No. 46, also known as 46cm is the smallest, the basic head are child cap in 46-56cm.

The winter warm hat, such as wool cap, knitted hat, rabbit hair hat like have a certain elasticity, so the basic head is suitable. Like the summer hat is basically about 56-58cm, little difference. The universal baseball cap seasons, like the more peaked cap without worrying about its size doesn't fit well, because in this type of hat tail are metal buttons or Velcro adjustable.

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