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Process in A Hat Factory

2017-06-08 09:27:07 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

As the saying goes,all things are done according to some rules,and there are some process there,and process is vital important for production.In fact,no matter what kind of hats need to follow a certain process.Here,i would like to introduce these hat process in a hat factory.

The process are:cutting-sewing-printing,embroidery-decoration-inspection-packing.



According to these order requirements,workers select fabrics,color card,die cutting,and arrange cloth broaching machines to estimate the number of times,then cut them into pieces.


Choosing different models to punch on the basis of customers’ orders requirements 

(3)Top buckle 

According to the size of the button, select the corner fabric to make top buckle.


According to these requirements,select a soft lining and attach them together with a ironing machine.

(5)Clothing Using a cutting machine to cut those cloth,on the basis of different sizes of cloth.

2, Sewing

(1) before the pay before the payment of the page, the surface side of the pressure side of the right side of the short, on the right, that is, pressure side.

(2) postpaid after the payment of the page, the opposite side of the pressure side of the left side of the short side, no pressure on the right side of the shoulder.

(3) double front page, double needle net selection same color open seam sewn sewing machine.

(4) Bundle in the same color with a pressure foot suture head, the front can not see the double-needle cloth does not wrinkle.

(5) before and after the stock to pay the color, the suture into a line.

(6) double needle with double the same double needle net thread stitching.

(7) The strip is flush with the mouth of the hat and sewn with a sewing machine.

(8) anti-cap on the cap core seam pressure in the next eyebrow side, sandwich placed in the middle of the sandwich cloth.

(9) to determine the line between the line several lines, and pairs of color to the color, the running seam.

(10) high head to check the size of the cap is appropriate, the tightness of the Han Dynasty, pressure Han band, trademark.

(11) Ming line according to the needs of customers, generally with the hat crown color.

(12) tail button size of the hat, the line color, pay attention to stitches, not anti-specific, see customer requirements.

(13) package top buckle with the top buckle set in the middle, pay attention to the fabric of the pros and cons, not crooked, to prison.

(14) cut the head of the whole hat finished, remove the excess thread.

3, Printing / Embroidery

According to the order requirements, do some printing if necessary,or do some embroidery on a workshop.

4, Sweatband

(1) Running cloth - roll cloth - cutting cloth, according to customer requirements to select these sizes and fabrics.

(2) Running sweatband, according to the order requirements to choose folder sponge, needle cotton, no anti-cloth, do not run without jump needle

5, Packaging


According to the order requirements, iron these hats with ironing cap machine and check that front page, double needle, high head line to make sure they are straight, the top buckle is still there, and finally print tag, mixed packed, etc. 


After all are done,then according to the total number to decide how many pieces per box how many boxes are needed,and finally sealed these boxes,then send them to a warehouse.

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