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Differences between hat wholesale and hat customization

2017-06-08 14:52:32 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

hat wholesale


As hat has gradually become a fashion and popular trend,then hat wholesale and hat customization have derived from that.Hat wholesale and hat customization are two different concepts,the first one is focused on selling and amounts,the latter one is emphasized in application and quality.Hat wholesale pays more attention on the amount,while hat customization pays more attention on quality.But no matter it is hat wholesale and hat customization ,they have to follow their own rules.Then what are the differences between them indeed ?


First:Hat wholesale

Generally hat wholesale refers to these wholesalers purchase hats from hat factories in a large amount,sometimes a variety of styles in large quantities ,sometimes a single style in large amount ,Hat wholesalers do not have much requirements about quality and styles,normally these wholesalers will have an inspect of hat markets first ,and then they will pick up from these existing styles in hats factories,which is a long term and repeatable distribution.Of course, hat wholesale can also be seen as a ODM sales model.


Second:Hat customization

Hat customization generally refers to some dealers personal or business units request a hat factory to customize hats on the basis of their requirements for one purpose,such as holding an activity or meeting the requirements of some certain customers.Normally this will not have much requirements about amounts,but has stringent requirements about quality and shape,material and sizes.So this customization is a behavior with strong sudden and accidental factor,and in a way hat custom can also be seen as a kind of OEM.

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