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What hat is nice in summer

2017-06-12 19:24:53 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Baseball cap

Hot summer, but also a good season for summer travel. But the UV is not gentle Zhuer, painted with sunscreen at the same time, may wish to wear a hat to add a line of defense it! A hat can not only cover you for the UV, more importantly, can be concave for your sense of shape Oh, the United States and the United States to take pictures!

Baseball cap

Summer wear the most is a variety of colorful T-shirt, and then with a denim shorts, relaxed and casual. This time and then wear a baseball cap or cap, not only for your concave shape, but also to create the vitality of youth Oh.

Straw hat

Summer appearance of the highest and most cool and comfortable, of course, this kind of straw hat! Not only hollow ventilated, but also very holiday range of children do it Travel time, wearing such a hat, more idyllic retro.


Beret comes with retro neutral style, not only handsome and very temperament Oh. With T-shirt to wear, but also to create a very different leisure range of children.

Fisherman's hat

Hat cannon fisherman hat, the best to create fine little face, and very personality and identification, may wish to start a bar?

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