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Play baseball cap peaked cap!

2017-06-14 17:29:55 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Baseball cap

Baseball cap cap is characterized by cap top flat and cap tongue, commonly known as duck Tsui hat. Hat from two inches to four inches, the width is also different. The cap was originally a hunter wearing a hat when hunting, so, also known as hunting hat. With the trend of change, now more and more girls will choose to use the cap as a match. Handsome at the same time, even more type, ten cap, any of you Fun

Geometric embroidery neutral cap

This geometric embroidery cap, selected a pure black background. Cotton material, adjustable size of the deduction. Wear up will be more stylish, if you really feel that their out of town style is too simple, may wish to prepare a leisure sports Fan children's cap.

Life tree solid color baseball hat

Simple style, curved canopy cap. Five colors optional, with logo printing, full of tide. If you are like a loose feeling of the girl, you can wear a loose jacket at the same time, with a baseball hat, street sense at any time to create up.

Wild student sun hat

The following are the same as the "

Basic models, this cheap hat, wins in its simple style, but the overall solid hat type, do not wear easily deformed. Not too many patterns look wild. The pursuit of a low-key is good, whether you are tide or tide woman can be a good control.

Suede cap

Adjustable sun hat, men and women can wear the couple models. Suede material, the overall look very old sense. Can be based on their own preferences and color to choose this cap, in the shape can choose dress and cardigan sweater with a very sense of movement, giving a comfortable Smart feel.

Long ribbon baseball cap

Recommended reason; this is a very popular long ribbon baseball cap, the front position of the simple X embroidery, handsome trend. Do not need too much small pieces of decoration, the cap can make your style leisure, handsome. Wearing sunglasses is more handsome.

Sorry mom baseball cap

Very interesting a cap, sorry mom english embroidery. Hat simple atmosphere, the overall material is more crisp, with little little fun. Highlight the personal taste, you can with the letter of the loose color to do with the gown. Will not have a visual conflict with the hat.

LOGO embroidery cap

Edition type stiff, delicate material, feel comfortable. Texture highlighted, environmentally friendly embroidery, clear pattern. Using pure cotton material, simple atmosphere. In the match can refer to the cap + T shirt + package hip skirt, casual loose solid color T-shirt with hit color package hip skirt full of youthful colors, and the cap of the mix and match.

Embroidered cape baseball cap

Small eyes embroidered cap, 'see what to see' series of expressions. Black and white three colors, looked at quite a lot of people like green, hats, socks, cardigan with a very feeling together. It is like spring you carry a package to travel, easy and simple.

Bend the cap

Like the hat before the love of embroidery, retro street wind, popular cherry pink white, printing design, curved along the cap. This ugly cap is a small face. Cute feeling, completely not too neutral, so that like the ducks can not try the girl can try.

After the buckle trend cap

Recommended reason; girls like pink, blasting embroidery sleep Meng lovely. Crisp hat shape is very good control, in fact, the hat is to enhance the dress with a weapon, Moreover, a hat may have a bright spot effect. Recommended to like the basic style of simple girl to start.

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