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What is a Wool Felt Hats?

2017-07-06 17:44:04 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

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Wool felt hat is the use of natural wool, the use of wool down the characteristics of the machine by the processing of a high-grade expensive raw materials.

After the wool blended with wool elasticity, flexibility, good adhesion, compact density is not easy to loose.

In addition, the wool felt thermal insulation performance is better, can be used as insulation materials, made of felt after the hat, with a good wind and cold warm effect, coupled with wool felt good wear resistance, so the felt is durable The

Pure wool felt hat has the following characteristics:

Breathability: permeability is very good, Wool Felt Hats the pores between the fibers under the pores to form an air flow layer, direct contact with the skin, people feel more refreshing and comfortable.

Warmth: delicate and dense wool layer is recognized as the best warm material, which is mainly from its excellent thermal performance and breathability, so it is not only warm, Wool Felt Hats but also to adjust the hot and cold.

Moisture resistance: because the wool is a tubular structure, it can absorb moisture in the moist air, so as to give you dry enjoyment.

Health care: wool good warm / breathable / moisture-proof performance for arthritis and rheumatism patients have a good effect; while thick wool is rich in flexibility, is conducive to improving the human microcirculation.

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