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What Are The Benefits Of Winter Hat

2017-07-10 11:32:18 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

The head of a human brain is the seat of the nerve center of the brain. The head is the meeting of the sun. Although the thin skin of the head, but the blood vessels and hairs are numerous and thick, so often the body heat from the head out of a lot of evaporation. Relevant research data show that temperature in L5c about human body is about 1 / 3 of the heat from the head of sporadic; temperatures 4C around, the body about 1 / 2 the heat from the head distribution; and the temperature at about minus l0C, unexpectedly will have 3 / 4 the body heat from the head of the "run away". This shows that the relationship between the head and the body heat balance is very large. A person if it is more than a few pieces of clothes to wear and not wear a hat, it is like a hot and not cover plug like, heat will flow out "output".

Can not only warm winter hat, and still can prevent colds, cough, headache, facial nerve paralysis (namely, mouth crooked eye) etc. disease.

1, is conducive to warm.

The head of the human body is also very need to keep warm (easy to heat), but also need to keep warm. Winter cap material, can be the wool, wool, or down jacket Jumpsuit cap. Anyway, quality of a material to some thick and warm effect.

2, is conducive to health care.

A cold, inevitably causing cerebral vasoconstriction, will feel dizziness, headache, severe accident.

3, is the beautiful function.

If a top beautiful, stylish hat, there is a dialect, "said gimmick gimmick, at the head of amusement". Head, you can make a hat to beautify!

4, is a protective function.

A hat on the head, in case a bit of a slight touch, the hat can "buffer". If there is a high altitude falling objects and hat barrier.

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