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Summer Hat And Dress With The Most

2017-07-12 17:31:51 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read


What summer and skirt with the most? Is definitely an elegant and fashionable hat shape not only rich, but also play a shading effect, skirt + hat summer travel is standard on Europe Street beat to see how beautiful the ride .

Daisies pattern Slim dress, light blue sweet and fresh, and sketched out the graceful curves, sexy and playful, with a classic straw hat, dressed so lively and sweet, can not help but want to come to a close contact with nature.

Dark blue collar split dress with nude color strap sandals, sexy goddess to wind into a retro cool feeling, Elegant and unique hat super remarkable temperament, became the finishing touch. contact.

Black chiffon dress with black and white high heels, glamorous retro range, with black and white striped wide-brimmed hat full flavor, full of personality and aristocratic French style.

Small fragrant wind jacket ladies wind to create the city, with a pink hat playful sweet, little princess turned the city.

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