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How many do you know about the type of straw hat?

2017-07-14 14:52:31 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Straw hat generally refers to the use of plants, grass, wheat straw, bamboo or brown rope and other objects woven hat, hat wider. Can be used to cover the rain, shade. Zhang Zhihe's poem "fishing song" in the famous "Qing Ruo Li, green I am similar, oblique wind and rain do not have to return", that is the ancient straw hat - the role of Ruo Li. From the ancient Ruo Li to the present ordinary straw hat, straw hat has been used for hundreds of years, until now. Of course, this is only the most basic of a number of straw hat. Straw hat, because the different styles, different materials, wearing different occasions, from the ordinary shelter, evolved into the city nowadays men and women a number of essential accessories in one of the accessories. With the constant pursuit of beauty, the straw hat is now more material, style and more, with a variety of valuable fodder to join, straw hat more and more high up, seems to have represented a fashion.

Now the high-end straw hat gradually by the natural wheat straw, Japanese papyrus, Rafi grass composition. Material performance is also better than a good, weaving out of a hat than a comfortable. One of the most famous is the Panama straw hat, Panama straw hat is a fiber called a plant called Dorje or stained with a colored bar with black stripes or floral edge of the upturned straw hat, work very fine The This hat is slightly upturned straw hat some hippie taste, neutral, modeling mysterious and sexy, cool flavor full. Originated in Ecuador, because foreign tourists see the Panamanian people wearing this straw hat, so called Panama straw hat.

The style of the straw hat, there are big eaves beach cap, small eaves hat, flat top straw hat, dome straw hat, empty top shade hat, etc., because the different shapes, wear occasions are not the same. Big eaves hat for seaside travel to wear, small eaves and flat roof hat for everyday shopping to wear, while the dome and empty roof hat, then suitable for outdoor travel when wearing. Choose a suitable straw hat, will make you feel happy and not afraid of being sun.


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