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what are the main characteristics of visor?

2017-07-06 17:06:34 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

what are the main characteristics of visor?

Cap used to prevent from sunshine is called visor, it mainly composed of cap and body two parts, the front visor with several layers, and some also added insulation layer, while the top or hollow body cap, hollow when To mount the bracket.


Designs of visor is changeable, with many styles, such as casual, mix-match, sport and so on.


It mainly used prevent from sunshine ,in hot summer, most people wear various styles visor while outside, firstly for sunscreen and secondly protect your eyes, but most are poor quality on the market, not only without sunscreen but also affect your vision.

How to choose visor

Now many visors on the market are not quality products, but business always say they are Anti-UV even with lower price, actually are made of poor quality plastics, can’t Anti-UV and with poor light transmission, it can damage your vision while wearing it since of different density. 


The type and quality of the visor are particularly numerous, generally are sports, round, short-brim and wide-brim type. These hats are made of nylon, grass, linen weave, yarn as well as cotton and so on.

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